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‘Droid Crushing iPhone Oz: Report

Latest stats from analysts Kantar show sales of Android phones doubled Apple in the 3 months to October in Australia. 

59% of all smartphones sold were Androids v iOS’s 30%. 
Sales of Android phones which includes Samsung, HTC and LG devices fell 3% during the quarter, but still, Google’s OS for almost 50% of all smartphone held by end users in OZ V’s Apple’s 39% share.
In terms of installed base, Android share rose another 8% in the past year, thanks to success of devices Samsung S3, S4, Note and other popular phones from HTC and Sony.

Apple, too, made a recovery in the last quarter, say Kantar Worldpanel. 

Surprise, surprise, the new iPhone 5s has outsold its plastic 5c by almost 4:1, something which retailers have been reporting for some time. 
15% of all smartphone sold in Oz in October were the pricey iPhone 5s. iPhone 5C accounted for 4% of all phones sold. 

“In almost all markets, the iPhone 5S and 5C releases have given iOS a significant bounce compared to the previous month,” says Dominic Sunnebo, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. 
“Generally, Apple’s share of the market still remains lower than when the iPhone 5 was released, although this is not wholly unexpected as shoppers tend to react more positively to ‘full’ releases than incremental improvements such as the 5S and 5C.  “
Windows was the big winner in the mobile race – accounting for 4% of all smartphones in Oz on the back of demand for Nokia Lumia models 520, 620 and 920.
Sales of Windows rose to 7% of all phones sold in Q3 – up 3% in a year. 
Windows enjoys strong growth down under, with almost one third of its customer gains coming from new smartphone adopters. 
Almost 69% of Australian consumers now own a smartphone.