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Over 100 NBN Workers Just Walked Off The Job

NBN Co technicians this morning called a stop work, as they protest pay cuts and contractual disputes, calling for a Senate Inquiry into the disastrous NBN rollout.

According to The Australian, over 100 workers are currently protesting at NBN Co’s North Sydney offices.

“The mismanagement of Australia’s NBN network continues to be left unaddressed and workers have had enough,” Shane Murphy, National President of communications union CEPU, wrote in a statement.

“The time has come – we need Minister Fletcher to urgently announce a national inquiry into the NBN so we get can these issues fixed.

“The NBN rollout has been plagued with issues from day one, and workers won’t put up with it any longer.

“NBN Co needs to scrap their dodgy pyramid contracting model, improve pay rates and ditch the shonky booking app.”

Part of the dispute is that subcontractors are undergoing forced pay cuts while NBN executives enjoyed hefty bonuses during the pandemic.

“It’s infuriating,” Murphy explains. “These NBN Co subcontractors have continued to keep the country’s internet services connected during the covid-19 pandemic, turning up for work day in, day out. They deserve better from NBN Co.

“These technicians are highly skilled workers – yet because of the NBN’s ‘pyramid style’ sham contracting scheme, it’s the executives and middle-men who are profiting from Australia’s NBN while the people doing the work are getting get ripped off and consumers continue to suffer with substandard connections.”