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Its Faster! ‘100Mbps’ Samsung Galaxy S4 Hits OZ

The S4 with ‘Category 4’ 4G technology means capable of theoretical speeds of up to 150Mbps downlink, although in real life, the S4 ‘is capable of speeds in excess of 100Mbps’, Smarthouse has been told.  

The now faster Galaxy S4 has a 5″ HD super AMOLED display, comes in white frost or black mist, is on sale from today. 
Vodafone announced the first Huawei ‘Cat 4’ tablet, earlier this year. 
Vodafone’s General Manager of Devices, Katie Turkal, says “HTC One mini and the Samsung GALAXY S 4 with 4G Cat 4  both allow our customers to access superfast data speeds.” 
Based on Ookla speedtests, Vodafone 4G network offers average speed of 2-60Mbps on other Android handsets. 
Telco No. 3 already claims to have the fastest  4G mobile internet in some areas – even faster than Telstra. “Not only do we have the fastest 4G data speeds across parts of Sydney and Melbourne*, we are proud to introduce the very first Cat 4 smartphone on our network”. 

However, the new Cat 4 smartphone isn’t cheap – on 12 months plan anyway. These start from $60 on top of additional $32 handset fee (total $92) up to $118 plans. 24 month plans appear to be cheaper. 

Tipped as ‘One of the best Android smartphones of this year’, HTC One now has a small sister, the mini. 

Voda opened preorders on the 4.3″ HTC One mini, made of polished metal alloy, this morning.  

The HTC One mini is slimmer than its big sister but still has two speakers out the front and the other quirky stuff like Zoe camera, Beats Audio and Blinkfeed. 

The HTC One Mini comes in stealth black only.

The HTC One mini is on $50 plan, as well as $65, $80 and $100 Red plans with Infinite calls, texts and web texts and decent data allowances.  

Samsung GALAXY S4 4G Cat 4 is on sale from today via Vodafone stores, e-Store and call centre.