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OS Black Friday Deals No Bargain Says New Research

Australian retailers could benefit from a new research study that reveals that Australian could be duped when diving into US and overseas web sites this upcoming Black Friday looking for “massive” discounts.

Acording to a recent WalletHub survey, more than 50% percent of US nationals no longer believe that Black Friday offers the best deals of the year.

Research shows that millions of Australians are set to shop overseas this Xmas instead of locally.

The WalletHub survey compared the advertised Black Friday prices of a broad selection so called Black Friday bargains.

What the researchers found was that 14 percent of the advertised specials offered no savings at all over pre-holiday prices, and that Black Friday deals on consumer tech and home appliances in particular are the least discounted out of nine general product categories.

Specifically, the average price differential for Black Friday and pre-Black Friday retails are 30 percent for appliances, 26 percent for general CE, and 25 percent for computers and phones with many of these deals only lasting for a few hours when posted.

One CE exception is video game software, which on average will sell for 39 percent less on Black Friday, placing it at fourth place on the category discount charts.

The research also compared goods sold on Amazon in the USA within the period (Oct. 19-Nov. 15).

Tech sellers who sell direct are placed high on WalletHub’s “good deals” ranking, based on their percentage of Black Friday prices that are lower than Amazon’s pre-holiday retails.

Among them, Microsoft scored 100 percent; Dell earned a 97 percent, Lenovo also got a high sale ranking.

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