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One Google Home Device Is Sold Every Second: Google

Google says since October one Google Home device – both the Home and Mini – sells every minute, with more than 400 million devices installed with Google Assistant.

This means it has sold more than 6 million devices in the past three months.

Google says, “[The Google] Assistant now gives you the power to voice control more than 1,500 compatible smart home devices from over 225 brands. With all these choices, you’ve connected millions of new smart home devices to Google Home every month. All told, Google Home usage increased 9X this holiday season over last year’s, as you controlled more smart devices, asked more questions, listened to more music, and tried out all the new things you can do with your Assistant on Google Home.”

Its fierce competitor Amazon has not disclosed its sales for its branded smart speaker but says tens of millions of Amazon Alexas have been sold throughout the Christmas period, more than ever before.

During Christmas both Google and Amazon heavily discounted prices for its smart speakers to up its sales forgoing profits, according to analysts at ABI Research says the Echo Dot has US$31 worth of parts and it was selling for US$30, the discounted price. The Google Home Mini has US$26 worth of components with it priced at $29 at a discount.

The Google Assistant is accessible in eight different languages. Google will be showcasing its products at CES this week in Las Vegas.


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