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Mass Exit: NBN Tech, Finance + Corporate Chiefs Walk

Mass Exit: NBN Tech, Finance + Corporate Chiefs WalkJust days after new CEO Bill Murrow was sworn in, three major execs at NBN Co, including its Chief Technology Officer, Chief Finance Officer and head of corporate and commercial affairs, are to leave the broadband company. 

Chief technology officer Gary McLaren and Kevin Brown, head of corporate and commercial affairs, both took redundancy, while NBN Co’s CFO, Robin Payne will leave when a replacement is found. 
Brown will leave in July, and McLaren will stay on to assist during the transition period. 
The managerial upheaval was announced by NBN Co CEO Bill Murrow in an internal email which went out at lunchtime, today. The reshuffle by the former chief of Vodafone, has virtually cleaned out the remaining management team installed under the Labor government.  
Bradley Whitcomb will join NBN Co on 1 May as Chief Culture & Transformation Officer, leaving his current role as Vodafone’s Chief Strategy and Business Transformation Officer. 
Murrow cited major managerial shortcomings at the government-owned NBN Co, including lack of alignment on company goals; unclear accountability structure; inadequate decision making and “suboptimal” work culture.  
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he found plenty “unhelpful surprises” at NBN Co, when he took office last September, in a CommsDay speech this week.
“I don’t want to overstate our progress since September. There’s an immense amount of work yet to be done. 

“NBN Co’s board and management need to transform the company’s culture and capabilities, settle new deals with Telstra and Optus, and resolve the many unhelpful surprises we’ve found inside NBN Co.” 

NBN Co will move to a new ExCo structure on 1 May, Murrow also announced.  
This new structure will be process based and emphasise an internal customer-supplier relationship model.
Eight senior execs will report to Murrow directly including Chief Strategy Officer JB Rousselot, COO Greg Adcock, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Culture & Transformation Officer. 
Image credit: Herald Sun