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Oculus Add ChromeCast To GearVR

Facebook-backed VR player Oculus has announced it’ll be making it easier for GearVR owners to share experiences with an audience via Google ChromeCast.

Announcing the addition via their blog, “we’re excited to announce Chromecast support for Gear VR! Now, you’ll be able to share all of your Gear VR experiences directly from the headset by streaming to your TV in real-time.”

“All you need is the latest version of both the Oculus mobile app and Android. Just hit the Cast button, select your favorite nearby Cast-enabled device, and step inside Gear VR while your friends sit back and enjoy the ride.”

The idea here is that you’ll be able to make virtual reality experiences themselves more social and give spectators something to look at while the headset is in use.

Oculus says that “Chromecast lets you enjoy VR while staying connected and engaged with everyone in the room. Show off your quick draw and sharp shooting in Dead and Buried or host a VR party night. It’s also a great way to introduce new people to VR, since you can see everything they see inside the headset.”

Samsung recently added a motion controller to their greater GearVR package. However, ZeniMax also recently launched a fresh lawsuit over the origins of the software powering the headset.

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