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Nvidia Says Software Not Affected By Intel Chip Flaw

Nvidia has released an update for its processors after news broke Intel’s computer chips had a security flaw but the company insists its hardware was not at risk of being hacked.

Speaking at CES, Jensen Huang says, “Our GPUs are immune. They are not affected by these security issues.”

Reuters reported, “The security patches unveiled by Nvidia relate to software drivers that let its chips work with operating systems like Windows. While Nvidia said its GPUs are not flawed, it was updating its drivers because they interact with potentially vulnerable CPUs.”

In the past week both Apple and Microsoft have released security updates protecting consumers phones from any potential threat. Microsoft says the update it issued could bring potential software issues such as slower performance to those with older software such as Windows 8 one or Window 7.

Only last week did news break that a major design flaw in Intel computer chips mean they were vulnerable to hackers who could expose secure information and create more security problems which could affect both single computers or entire networks.

Intel is currently facing three class action lawsuits filed late last week.

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