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Nostalgia Calling As Troubled Nokia Boost The 6310 “Brick”

With the classic game Snake on board, the old brick Nokia 6310 was the first buzz phone back in March 2001. Now, at a time when they’re moving into tablets and their latest phones aren’t exactly setting the commercial world on fire, Nokia are set to revamp the 6310 at a friendly price.

The phone’s tough design will carry through, with Nokia saying the new version will be sturdy enough to “take life’s bumps”. The reliable battery life will also be maintained, with the company boasting of three weeks.

A star of the “brick” era of phones, the original 6310 had a 1.8″ screen, while the new model will roll with 2.8″.

Snake will, of course, also be included. It will initially be available in the UK. Price will be around $110.

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