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Nokia Smartphone Operation Not Taken Seriously In Australia

How, serious does Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global take Australia, not much if their global site is anything to go by.

Then there is the issue of which Company are consumer dealing with HMD Global who have no listing with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, or HMD Mobile Australia whose identity is not revealed on the Company’s web site.

A visit to the HMD Global web site lists the Countries and the key people responsible for the growth of the Company globally missing is any mention of Australia.

Listed is the Vice President of Africa, Latin America, Russia, Europe, India and a head of sales for China, there is no mention of Australia or Asia Pacific.

This is not surprising as the business appears to be struggling in Australia with HMD Mobile Australia Pty Ltd only managing to deliver sub $2.5M in revenue.

In 2019, the HMD Mobile Australia business had revenues of $2.5M in December 2019; revenue fell to $2.3M at year-end 2020.

Profits also fell from $37,842 in 2019, to $17,545 in 2020, with the business struggling to generate the capital to invest in marketing.

A visit to the Nokia Australia web site which is an extension of the HMD Global web site, reveals that service and support is handled by QSL (Quantum Services & Logistics).

Visitors are taken outside of the Nokia site to a separate site. This raises questions as to who a consumer would sue if for example a house caught fire while a Nokia phone was charging.

HMD Global who have no registered entity or QSL who may have conducted a service on a device.

A visit to the Nokia web site customer Support page brings up a list of questions the first being ‘How can I safely clean and disinfect my Nokia phone?’.

James Robinson the Country Manager for HMD Global has not responded to our request for an interview, instead he has chosen to call in his PR minders Sydney based PR Group Adhesive.

This is a communication Company who have a reputation of trying to isolate media business like ChannelNews who are known to probe the actions of questionable Companies such as Sony who they also represent.

Sony has been fined by the ACCC, for questionable consumer practises and been forced to sack staff in their music division because of sexual harassment by senior management.

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