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Nokia Facing Setback In Battle With Lenovo

FRANKFURT: A German appeals court has lifted an injunction won by Nokia in a patent dispute with Lenovo, blocking the world’s largest PC maker from selling products in Europe’s largest economy.

Nokia last month enforced the order issued by a lower court in Munich, which found Lenovo had violated the terms of its patented H.264 video-compression technology which is widely used in smartphones and computers.

Lenovo said the appeals court had granted its request to stay enforcement of the Munich ruling “based on the high probability that the decision cannot be expected to be upheld on appeal.”

Nokia said the appeals court’s decision did not signal it would side with Lenovo on merits of the case. “We are confident that our case will hold on appeal,” it said.

Nokia launched its legal battle against Lenovo last year over alleged infringement of 20 patents.

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