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Nintendo Revenue Soars 175%, Switch The Hero

Courtesy of the highly successful Switch, Nintendo has nabbed revenues of 857 billion yen (for the nine months ending December 31st), soaring 175% year-on-year.

The company’s operating profit multiplied six times notching 156 billion yen.

Statista’s latest research reveals that in ten months the Switch outsold the five-year volume of the Wii U, and is on track to meet its 2018 sales goal of 20 million units.

The exceedingly popular Nintendo Switch has far surpassed the company’s original forecast, and since March last year has reportedly sold 15 million units. According to Statista Nintendo passed its Switch sales goal three months ahead of schedule.

Should Switch sales notch 20 million during the next fiscal year, the device will have surpassed lifetime sales of both the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo 64 in just two years.

Statista shows Nintendo’s original Wii remains one of the company’s best selling consoles, however, given Nintendo’s ambitions for the Switch it’s not unlikely this may change.

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