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Google Backs ‘Universal Stylus’, Apple & Samsung Not Yet

With Apple, Samsung and HP all offering their own stylus options, Google has joined the ‘Universal Stylus Initiative’ (USI) – a collective focused on developing a non-proprietary active stylus specification.

The USI wants to change the industry standard, by developing a stylus which can operate across multiple brand’s touch devices.

The news may foster harmony within the tech community, with users able to use one stylus across Google, Dell, Lenovo and other USI member products in the future.

The USI collective is yet to obtain the support of big ticket players such as; Apple, Microsoft and Samsung.

The universal stylus would support any touch controller which is compliant with the USI 1.0 specification.

USI’s technology also saves many setting options within the stylus (e.g. ink colour and type), plus several nifty options as allowing collaboration across multiple devices.

For example, it would allow friends to collaborate and draw at the same time, enabling compatible devices to recognise a multiple stylus input.

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