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Nintendo Posts Biggest 2-Day Drop In 18 Months

Startling many investors, shares in Nintendo have plummeted to their lowest level in 9 months – posting the biggest two-day decline in 18 months.

The news contrasts its recent 4.3% one-day increase, after announcing several new Pokemon games last week.

Shares in Nintendo have now slipped below the point of last week’s surge.

On Monday, shares dived 6.3%, following a 4% drop on Friday – the result is its biggest discount compared to Wall Street targets in nearly a decade.

For many, it’s ‘unclear’ why such a significant drop took place, however, rumours suggest the plummet is related to Nintendo’s ‘Quality of Life’ project, which could be ‘dead’.

Panasonic – a rumoured partner of the hardware project – reportedly withdrew in March, and consensus is some investors know more about the project’s future than others.

Nintendo’s Quality of Life project has reportedly faced an uncertain future in recent times. Officially speaking, Nintendo claims the project is still alive and in development.

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