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Nintendo Manufacturing Partner Faces Switch Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues continue to be an issue for Nintendo as a key manufacturing partner has reported issues securing components.

Osaka based electronics company Hosiden Corp, who generates over half of its revenue through the manufacturing of the Switch and its partnership with Nintendo, has withdrawn it’s previously issued sales forecast for the fiscal-year, according to Bloomberg.

The company said that uncertainty surrounding the semiconductor supply chain and currency unpredictability meant that it wasn’t able to produce an accurate forecast.

As a major manufacturer of Nintendo’s handheld console, supply issues affecting them are likely to affect Switch production and availability.

Whilst Nintendo declined a request for comment from Bloomberg, the company has previously reported a 26% year-over-year drop in Switch sales, reporting semiconductor supply chain issues as a key reason.

By March 31st 2023, Nintendo has said that it would still sell 21 million units of the console. However, this makes it the second year consecutively that the company will sell a lower number of Switch units.

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