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Nintendo Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Broken Controllers

Nintendo is facing a complaint by a European consumer group over ‘systematic problems’ with its controllers for the Switch console.

According to the complaints, evidence from over 25,000 users showed that in 88 per cent of cases, the game controllers broke within the first two years of use.

Gamers from all over Europe said they were plagued with a “recurring technical problem with Nintendo Switch controllers, commonly referred to as ‘Joy-Con Drift” according to a statement made by consumer group BEUC.

The problem causes a glitch where characters within games move without user control.

Gamers have taken to social media to complain about controllers ‘drifting’ just months after first buying them.

The Japanese tech giant was sued over this same issue in the US in 2019.

Nintendo has responded to the claims, stating: “We are aware of allegations but decline to comment on individual cases,” and adding the company will “respond appropriately if the investigation has started.”

Québec-based law firm Lambert Avocat has also filed a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo. The company is now facing legal trouble in Canada, the US and Europe.

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