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A Tough Mudder! Samsung “Waterproof” Galaxy S4

Samsung has made new Galaxy S4 version for tough bush-like conditions, that can thrive underwater with a pretty cool 8MP wet proof camera. 

Meet Galaxy S4 Active.  

Active is the phone you can bring to the beach, on a bush walk – is dust and waterproof, (IP67), its Aqua Mode camera copes down to 1 metre for “up to” 30 minutes underwater, and has ‘Glove Touch’ screen, handy for miners and other intensive occupations.  
It has a 5″ Full HD TFT LCD screen (443 PPI) and similar to original S4, has a 1.9 GHZ quad-core processor, 2,600mAh battery, running Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). 
The rugged smartie stays going “in a range of environments,” that would challenge other mobiles, says Samsung Australia who unveiled its latest S4 today. Just this week, it also announced Galaxy S4 mini.   

Other specs include 8MP rear camera, to capture high quality images, videos under the deep blue sea. The camera also has some clever extras – it ransforms into a LED flash light with a press of the volume key, located on the side that can also control the camera. 

Apps of note include:  ‘S Travel (Trip Advisor) offers travel assistance, local information, ‘S Translator’, S Health. ‘Drama Shot,’ which allows users to see all the action in one continuous sequence, and ‘Sound & Shot,’ which stores sound and voice together with the image and ‘Story Album’.  

“Australians lead very adventurous lifestyles, with many of us spending time in a range of environments throughout our work and social lives that aren’t always appropriate for most mobile devices,” said Tyler McGee, VP – Telecommunications, Samsung Australia. 

“With the launch of the GALAXY S4 Active, Samsung is offering Australians a smartphone that is both dust and water resistant as well as packed full of features.”

You can also view emails, control music and answer calls by waving you hand, watch free-to-air TV, new movies and control your TV on Samsung newly expanded WatchON app. 

The S4 Active is available for RRP $699 at the Samsung Experience Stores in both Melbourne, Sydney and on contract through Vodafone. 

The device will also be made available to purchase outright from “a range “of mobile retailers around Australia.