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Nikon Stock Climbs After Pro Mirrorless Camera Revealed

Japanese camera Company Nikon who once told ChannelNews that mirrorless cameras were “A fad” after Panasonic launched a new mirrorless Lumix camera is now working on a pro mirrorless camera after losing share to the likes of Sony and Panasonic.

Currently the Company is working on a new flagship Z series mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9, that will be launched in Australia later this year.

Last year Nikon stock fell 52% this year the stock is tracking up over 40% following news that the Company is finally getting into the mirrorless camera market with a pro camera.

What we do know about the new camera is that the Z9 will support 8K video recording and some key features include a new image-processing engine and a newly developed FX-format stacked CMOS sensor.

The press release vaguely mentioned that there will be “various other video specifications that fulfill diverse needs and workflows.”
Some observers claim the Z9 looks like a combination of the mirrorless Z7 and the D6 full-frame DSLR but with a grip-style body. And that’s about it.

As usual, Nikon Rumours posted some of their predictions for the Z9 if you’re hungry for more details, whether they’re true or not. Whatever is to come from the Z9, Nikon is making a bold claim that it will deliver “the best still and video performance in Nikon’s history.”

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