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Next Google Home Could Include Mesh Wi-Fi

The next version of the Google Home smart speaker could include mesh network technology that would allow it to act as a Wi-Fi router or extender.

According to a report from The Information, the company may borrow technology behind its own mesh Wi-Fi routers, called Google Wifi, and incorporate it into an upcoming Google Home device.

Google’s existing strategy for Google Home and Google Wifi, both of which are currently unavailable in Australia, has been for users to buy as many as needed for their individual requirements and the layout of their home.

On the Google Wifi website, the company says additional points are able to “connect seamlessly to each other” and users “can add as many as you need (wherever you want–garage, patio, attic, you name it) without affecting your Wi-Fi speed”.

For full house coverage, a Google Home and a Google Wifi would need to be installed in multiple locations. By incorporating both smart speaker and mesh Wi-Fi network technology into the next Google Home, Google will be able to simplify its home product range into a single versatile device with functionality beyond other smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo.

Both Google Home and Google Wifi retail for US$129, or about $170. While a price for the next Google Home has not been revealed, it should be priced lower than the two existing devices combined.

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