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Next Gen Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU Could Arrive By January

Nvidia’s entry level RTX 4000 series GPU’s could be hitting shelves as soon as January, boasting a bunch more power and a bunch more power usage to boot.

According to hardware leaker Kopite7kimi, the RTX 4060 may need more power than the RTX 3070, which sucks up 220W. To put this in perspective, the RTX 3060 draws 170W while its predecessor, the RTX 2060, drew 160W. Jumping above 220W from 170W is quite significant, let alone more than a card that is a tier up – the RTX 3070.

The good news however, other than that this hints in a chunky jump in graphics power, is that the RTX 4060 may be available as soon as January. VideoCardz responded to Kopite7kimi’s tweet, pointing out the release timeframes for the new cards, sourced via Wccftech. The RTX 4090 likely to launch in October, the 4080 in November, the 4070 in December and then the 4060 in January, in line with CES.

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