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New Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Superior To Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Samsung who earlier this month wowed the world with their new Galaxy 7 smartphone, has done it again with a brand new Galaxy TabPro S which makes the Microsoft Surface looks like old school design.

At $1,499 this 12” device is the ultimate portable technology device, for those who need Windows 10, a slim form factor and a stunning Super AMOLED screen to view content, in fact no other PC manufacturer including Apple can match the quality that this screen delivers. Unlike Samsung both Apple or Microsoft don’t manufacture their own products they use third party Companies like Samsung and Foxconn.

I travel a lot and this device is the perfect companion for a combination of reasons.

Firstly, the keyboard: Being a writer I need a really good keyboard which is one of the reasons I don’t use a Microsoft Surface despite being offered one for free. Where the Surface keyboard is clunky the new Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is extremly comfortable to use, however I would have liked to have seen a backlight keyboard for night flights.

When open, the cover props up the tablet at either a 65-degree or, roughly, 165-degree angle. You can’t use the keyboard with the tablet laid flat (180 degrees), as the pins won’t make contact.

The case connects using magnets and a set of pins on the bottom side, and when closed, wraps completely around the tablet.galaxy-tabpro-s-spec-final-2 162016103041AM_635_samsung_galaxy_tabpro_s Samsung-31 S Tab 3

The screen: Samsung is a core builder of components for the iPhone and iPad however they have kept the best for themselves. Their OLED screen differs significantly from the side-lit LED display screens found in other large tablets such as the Surface. Blacks are blacker and the richness of colours really pump through on this device.

Super AMOLED is a custom technology that offers all the benefits of standard AMOLED screens, which are able to display deeper and richer blacks by electrically charging each individual pixel to

It also works to reduce the screen’s power consumption by integrating the capacitive touchscreen layer directly into the display, instead of overlaying it on top. This removes the need for the screen to charge two components at once and in theory improves the device’s battery life.

This device also supports an optional Bluetooth stylus; which Samsung claims will offer similar functionality to Microsoft Surface Pen.

The Galaxy TabPro S is powered by the sixth-generation Intel Core M processor and after loading Microsoft Office 365, my Dropbox account and my Adobe Creative Cloud service this device still performed well.
Let me stress this is NOT a notebook replacement; it is the super light device you use when you want almost everything a Windows 10 notebook can deliver without the weight of a notebook.

Measuring in at a miniscule 6.3mm thin, Samsung claims the device is the thinnest and lightest Windows 10 convertible on the market. The dimensions and weight make the tablet comfortable to hold and suitably bag- and satchel-friendly.

The fact that the keyboard is supplied with the tablet is also something that sets the Galaxy TabPro S apart from the crowd.

Other convertibles, such as the Surface Pro 4 the keyboards are optional extras costing more than $100.
Samsung has also loaded the Galaxy TabPro S with fast-charging technology. The firm claims the tech will juice up the tablet’s 5,200mAh battery in 2.5 hours – which is significantly faster than the Surface Pro 4.
Battery life is around 10 hours.

One annoying feature is that Samsung has moved to protect the Galaxy TabPro S’s screen by dimming the brightness after one minute of inactivity, this is already driving me nuts because I often have to read other documents while writing.
On top of that you can’t override the feature.

Inside the tablet is an Intel Core m3-6Y30 paired with 4GB of LPDDR3/1600 RAM and a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD.

What will be available shortly in Australia is a USB Type A-to-USB Type C dongle.

You will need this to connect this device to a TV or large screen. I have used this dongle and it is an excellent accessory.

You can also charge the Galaxy TabPro S using other USB Type C chargers.

The bottom line is that this device is a truly beautiful tablet with a clever keyboard case, stunning OLED screen and a design that has been seriously thought out.

Overall AWESOME!

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