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New Marshall Headphones Come In Loud And Clear

Marshall amps have provided the muscle behind millions of guitar heroes, from garage to stage, since the 1960s. That reputation remains unblemished with their move into personal sound equipment, and their next sets of true wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones should further cement that rep.

The Minor III will produce a major boom when released end of October, with 25 hours of playtime.

At RRP $199.99, they get their grunt from 12mm drivers and are custom-tuned to deliver the best aural aspects across the sonic spectrum.

Plus, they have IPX4 water resistance and touch-sensitive controls so you can keep your phone wherever you want while you handle your music and calls.

Set for release early 2022 at $299.99, the Motif A.N.C promise “front-row sound” and allow you to set your desired level of active noise cancellation and transparency.

With 20 hours playtime, they have a IPX5-rated sealed-fit design for all-day comfort that also provides a level of passive noise cancellation.
You can also tweak your tunes by adjusting the EQ through the dedicated app. Plus, dual mics ensure your voice comes through on calls.


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