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New LG Innotek Sensor Feels The Pressure

LG Innotek has unveiled a new textile flexible pressure sensor that could be used in a variety of applications, from health to sports to the car.

Sensing pressure over its entire surface, LG states that the pressure sensor is “suitable for products such as gloves and chairs that come in direct contact with the human body”.

LG states that while former sensors have been difficult to bend, its sensor is made from a highly elastic polyurethane material, with the sensor able to fit the contour of the body.

LG states that in the area of health care it could be used to detect body balance and patterns, while athletes, such as golfers, could use the sensor as a training aid.

“For example, the sensor detects the pressure of your hands on the golf club as well as the position of your hands,” LG states. “Then, it sends the information to your smartphone to help you find the perfect grip.”

LG also points to a potential application in chairs, such as in cars, with the sensor measuring pressure, helping users correct their posture.

LG has not indicated exactly when the product will be available, however states that it has filed 13 patents regarding related technologies in South Korea, having secured the product quality for mass production this year.

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