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Telstra Dealing With Another Outage

Telstra Dealing With Another Outage

Telstra is dealing with another network outage, a day after CEO Andrew Penn advised that the telco would invest $250 million in its network.

Customers are taking to Twitter, with the issue apparently impacting business and enterprise customers in Victoria.

Telstra has advised via a tweet that it is working to fix the issue.

It is the latest of a number of outages suffered by the telco this year, amid a familiar pattern of disgruntled customers taking to Twitter to vent their displeasure.

Penn yesterday advised that Telstra had “recently completed an end-to-end review” of its “core network and IT systems, pinpointing sources of potential risk”.

“As a result of this work, we will be investing $250 million from our existing capital program, within our 15 per cent capex-to-sales ratio, over the next six-to-12 months to provide a higher degree of network resilience and improved network performance,” he wrote via a blog post.

Telstra has suffered a backlash from users via social media following its network outages this year.

The telco has held two free data days following outages, the most recent of which was at the beginning of April.


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