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New Lenovo Gaming Tablet Revealed

One of the newest gaming tablets to hit the market is the addition of the Legion Y700 tablet set to be released this month.

The Y700 was first introduced in 2022 by Lenovo in China and now is being released to the broader worldwide audience. To promote their cutting-edge tablet, Lenovo will be hosting a launch event in China.

In the initial release, the large display and Snapdragon 870 processor were some of the most impressive aspects of the tablet and with the new release, the Legion Y700 2023 is supposed to pack a more powerful processing punch.

Lenovo might be rather tight-lipped within the official Legion Y700 tablet teaser, but the up-close shots showcase the device’s front with thick bezels and an 8-inch display which appears to have a similar shape and look to the original.

Based on the initial Legion Y700 tablet, we’re curious to see how it will one-up the original’s 8.8-inch LCD display and if it will surpass the predecessor’s resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, 240Hz touch sampling rate, and 120Hz refresh rate.

The remaining hardware details are a mystery but because it’s a refresh, it is expected that there will be a higher refresh rate screen, a more elevated powerful processor, and perhaps more.