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New iPhones May Support Dual SIM Cards

Speculation is mounting that Apple’s new batch of iPhones, due for release tomorrow night Australian time, will have dual SIM card support.

An image appeared on China Mobile’s Facebook page last week with text which read “New iPhone coming soon, dual SIM support, I’ve been waiting for you.”

This added to the conjecture that started with the leaks of pictures of a dual SIM card tray on a new Apple device from one of the company’s own social media accounts.

That particular image was an illustration of an apple in a fruit bowl with two SIM cards stuck in it. The large text over the illustration says, “New Apple with dual SIM?” while the smaller text mentions the benefits of having one for network and one for data.

Besides the tongue-in-cheek illustration, there’s also a leaked ad from China Telecom picturing a new iPhone with dual SIM cards and the text, The phone shown in the ad is different from the phone in an earlier dual-SIM iPhone leak, so we may be looking at different models or an inaccurate leak.

Numerous rumours have encircled the new iPhones for the past few months, including the now widely held belief that an iPhone X Plus will have a 6.5-inch OLED display.

Dual SIM cards have been available on Android devices for years, and the fact that the majority of leaks are coming from China may suggest that Apple is gearing up for a bigger push into that market, where it is currently lagging behind domestic handset giants Huawei and Oppo.

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