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New Google Pixel 6 Pro Outperforms iPhone 13 In DxOMark Tests

Google’s latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel 6 Pro has cracked the top 10 in the DxOMark rankings, it’s also outperformed the new Apple iPhone 13.

It’s now earned the moniker of being among the top 10 powerful phones due in part to its camera capabilities.

The DxOMark ranking is based on several performance metrics that is used to measure new smartphones hitting the market.

DxOMark takes into account picture quality, zoom capability, and video quality.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro had a total score of 135, with 143 for the photo, 115 for video, and 71 for zoom.

The Pixel 6 Pro had an impressive performance in all lighting conditions claims testers.

It also has a wide dynamic range, when shooting long-range shots via the built-in zoom, together with a great texture.

The Pixel 6 Pro was shown to outclass Apple’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro when tested in the same lighting conditions.

On the downside the detailed testing also identified some design areas that could be a drawback for the Pixel 6 Pro.

They include the narrow depth of field, especially in low light.

This design problem is commonly present in cameras with a large sensor.

The assessment also showed that noise was observed in low-light situations.

Observers claim the DxOMark ranking of the Pixel 6 Pro is another credit to Google who are keen to be seen as a serious player in the smartphone market.

See full testing review here.

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