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New ‘Google One’ To Offer Cheap Storage Later This Year

Google’s paid storage plans are set to become more affordable this year, following the roll-out of the new ‘Google One’. First launching in the United States, global expansion is scheduled to occur throughout the year.

Users of Google Drive’s paid storage plans will be among the first to upgrade to ‘Google One’, offering ‘expanded storage’ and ‘extra benefits’.

Users will receive an email confirming the change, however, individuals can request a notification when Google One arrives in Australia here.

The news comes as consumers’ data requirements continue to soar, following the rise of 4K video and high resolution photography.

Google One claims to have “all the space you need” for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, offering several storage options (e.g. 100GB, 30TB).

As highly requested, consumers can add up to five family members to their Google One plan, with payment summarised in one bill. Each household member also receives their own private storage space.

As per The Verge, Google One will reportedly offer a new low-cost storage plan, whilst offering the former 2TB storage option for half price.

Google will reportedly debut a new US$2.99/month plan for 200GB storage, plus a US$9.99/month 2TB plan.

Google Drive’s free 15GB plan is set to remain.

Changes will not affect G Suite business customers.

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