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New Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Fail The Drop Test.


After being billed as having the ‘most durable glass ever in a smartphone the all new iPhone XS and XS Max have failed their first big drop test.

According to device insurer SquareTrade the big new expensive iPhones did not survive being dropped 1.8 metres onto a cement sidewalk.

New drop tests from confirmed that both of Apple’s latest high-end smartphones are prone to shattering when dropped from 1.8 metres above the ground.

The devices suffered a shattered screen, which produced loose glass that was, in some cases, separated from the display.

Both iPhone XS and XS Max have a glass display on the front, as well as a glass panel on the back side of the device.

A front-down drop test from 1.8 metres produced largely the same results for both phones, resulting in a shattered screen and loose glass for the XS Max.

But it was worse for the iPhone XS, which had shattered and loose glass. The phone’s touchscreen was also rendered effectively inoperable.

Both phones were placed in a 60 second tumble test, which caused hairline cracks, loose glass and scratches, according to SquareTrade.

Again, the iPhone XS suffered far more damage than the XS Max when it cracked under 113 kilograms of pressure, resulting in ‘complete screen failure.’

The iPhone XS Max has been given a durability score of 70, meaning that it has a ‘medium risk’ of breakability.

By comparison, the iPhone XS was given a durability score of 86 and has a ‘high risk’ of breaking.

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