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New Apple AirPods Described As Looking like” Oral B Toothbrush Heads”

Apple’s new AirPods are today being described as “dorkie” “a ridiculous design” with one writer describing them as looking like hanging “Oral B toothbrush heads”.

Yesterday Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP for Worldwide Marketing said that it took “courage” to not only design the new $229, AirPods which some of saying are going to have a very short life after Apple chose to remove the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7.

The new Bluetooth earpiece that do look like an Oral B toothbrush has been ridiculed. “Anyone who is seen walking down a street with two earpieces that look like toothbrush heads is going to look ridiculous”.apple-iphone-watch-20160907-5281.0
Several observers of also picked up the fact that these AirPods lack some of the more standard features that other earbuds have, like touch controls or buttons. (There is apparently a way to play, pause, or skip tracks by tapping the earbuds, triggering the accelerometers inside.) AirPods also don’t have noise cancellation or audio passthrough, features that can be found on wireless earbuds like several other models currently being sold at JB Hi Fi.

Richard Easton writing for Trusted Reviews said “The protruding part that hangs down and out of your ears is the main culprit and why people are making the electric toothbrush comparison. And plenty are – it’s not just me.

Other ‘truly wireless’ earbuds have managed to avoid such a silly design. Samsung with its IconX, Bragi with its new Headphone, Motorola with its Verve Ones and Jabra with its Elite Sport all look more discreet. The Jabra Elite Sport also have fancy microphones like the AirPods and throw in a heart rate monitor.

Then there’s the fact that these are based on the original Apple EarPods design and fit. For me those have always been incredibly insecure, falling out at a moment’s notice and leading the EarPods and the pavement to become regular bedfellows. I anticipate a lot of people are going to be losing – and breaking – AirPods over the coming years.

He added “If you want to get an idea of what it will be like to wear the Apple AirPods, grab an Oral-B replacement toothbrush head right now and put one in your ear. I recommend the CrossAction head for its whole-ear-clean feel”.

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