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New Android TV Beta Delivers Image, UI Enhancements

Google has launched the newest beta for Android 12 on TVs, featuring better 4K support and improved settings for refresh rates.

The release of Android 12 Beta 3 for TV sees support for both seamless and non-seamless refresh rate switching come to Android TV, making for a smoother viewing experience. According to Wolfram Klein, Product Manager, Android TV OS, this support – as well as better display mode reporting and updates to Android’s tunnel mode – are designed to keep up with “ever-improving picture quality”.

“At the heart of the TV experience is beautiful and seamless media playback. In the US, users are spending well over 4 hours a day watching media on TV, and are always asking for the highest resolution playback possible,” said Klein.

Change is also coming to the Android TV UI, which now can be rendered at 4K resolution on compatible devices; additionally, new privacy and security features have been added, including on-screen indicators when microphone and camera are being accessed (above), and easy toggles allowing microphone and camera to be shut off completely.

Android 12 is set to release across devices this year.

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