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New Analytics Helping To Deliver Personalised Video, Says Ooyala

Video delivery and analytics company Ooyala – now owned by Telstra – has released its second annual State of the Media Industry report for 2017, saying that data analytics is revolutionising online video delivery by enabling video providers to gather viewing data and personalise video and associated advertising.

“Better data is helping media companies give consumers what they want most- personalised video – in more places and more ways, opening new fronts and monetisation opportunities in the ever-growing social and mobile markets,” Ooyala said.

“Data is also behind new advancements in advertising, real-time video, augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as streamlined production logistics and collaboration for teams around the world.”

Results of the survey were presented at a press lunch in Sydney yesterday, hosted by Ooyala’s GM for Asia-Pacific and Japan, Steve Davis.

Davis said that in its early days the company’s key differentiator was the data analytics underpinning its video delivery platform. Today its main offering is its “Integrated Video Platform”, which Davis described as “an online video platform plus advertising technology, plus media logistics – all powered by a common data set.”

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