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Netgear Hits New Speeds With 10Gbps Mesh System

Netgear is setting Aussies up for the fastest home broadband speeds in the country with the the Orbi 860 Series, a Wi-Fi 6 Whole Home Mesh system that can handle speeds of up to 10Gbps.

A step up from the company’s Orbi 850 Series in every way, the 860 gives a 10Gb Ethernet port (a leap from the 850s 1Gb), and an upgraded antenna to give a 20 per cent boost to Wi-Fi performance.

The three-pack WiFi Mesh System ($2,099) gives up to 540 square metres of coverage, with up to 6Gbps WiFi speed, and support for a whopping 100 devices at the same time.

This can be extended further with additional satellites ($799).

It also avoids dreaded internet blackout with its ‘dedicated backhaul’ system, which connects the router to satellites with a dedicated Wi-Fi pathway exclusively for communication between the base router and the satellites. As Netgear explains, “our competitors share that link when communicating with other connected devices. This dedicated backhaul design ensures blazing speeds throughout your home and on all your devices. Connections stay strong all the time.”

It also includes a year of Netgear Armour, a security system built into the router, that means you can ditch your other antivirus software solutions. It also acts as a VPN for those trying to circumvent local copyright laws.

“When we launched our flagship Orbi product line in 2016, we set a new benchmark for connected home products with faster speeds, higher capacity and wider coverage areas with our patented tri-band mesh design,” said David Henry, president & GM of Connected Home Products and Services at NETGEAR.

“Our new Orbi 860 Series is designed to continue to deliver on the promise of superior WiFi. It provides the capacity to capitalise on higher incoming Internet speed, up to 10 Gigabit, an increasing number of devices and even better WiFi range than the Orbi 850 Series.

“On top of that, we couple it with one of the industry’s best internet security protection services to help Australian households to secure all their WiFi connected devices, including laptops, phones, tablets, speakers, cameras, baby monitors, TVs, light bulbs, light switches and more.”

The system is available from Netgear’s Australian website, which select products available through JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Office Works. It comes in black and white colours.

The three-pack (router and two satellites) is priced at $2,099, with a single satellite and a standalone router each available for $799.

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