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Tineco Launches New Steam Wet & Dry Vacuum

Tineco’s brand new Floor One S7 Steam Wet & Dry vacuum is now available in Australia, and it uses the power of superheated 140 degrees Celsius steam to remove stubborn messes and stains.

It can simultaneously clean and sanitise hard floors, and is a multifunctional vacuum which combines vacuuming, mopping, and steaming into one device.

HyperSteam technology has been combined with Tineco’s iLoop Smart Sensor technology, making the vacuum intuitive and easy to use.

It has an upgraded battery and a continuous clean brush washing system, as well.

The key features include HyperSteam technology, which has two modes tailored to large messes and stubborn single stains.

Superheated steam at 140 degrees Celsius is dispersed, sanitising the floor. It’s paired with a soft roller which gently cleans the floor with fresh water.

Then there’s the iLoop Smart Sensor technology, which can automatically detect debris and will adjust the suction power, water flow, and roller speed to suit the mess.

The interactive LED screen assists the user with seeing the working status, selecting operating modes, and more.

The MHCBS system recycles dirty water with an internal brush scraper and will continuously wash and rinse the roller with fresh water, at a constant 450RPMs.

The device has a long-lasting battery with Pouch Cell Design, and with one touch, fresh water and hot steam can clean the vacuum, while centrifugal drying eliminates the excess water and odours.

It also has a self-propulsion feature, and a dual-sided edge cleaning feature, which allows the device to get up close and personal with baseboards and corners.

Lastly, there are LED lights that illuminate the cleaning path, ensuring no mess is missed.

The Floor One S7 Steam Wet & Dry Vacuum is currently retailing for A$1,199.00 at JB Hi-Fi. It will become available at other retailers soon.

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