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Netflix Trials ‘Skip Intro’ Button For Shows

Netflix is testing a button that will allow viewers to skip the opening credits of some of its most popular TV shows.

The new ‘Skip Intro’ button is able to skip the intro sequences of Netflix shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards, as well as other popular shows like Friends and The Office.

The streaming service is also trialing a ‘Skip Recap’ button if viewers don’t want to see a summary of previous episodes shown at the beginning of some shows.

Previously, these functionalities would often automatically occur after binge-watching multiple episodes of a show in a row, but now viewers can manually skip them whenever they choose.

While not explaining the new feature specifically, a Netflix spokeswoman told The Verge that it performs “hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better.”

The new buttons are currently being tested with selected users viewing on desktops, and are only available on some shows.

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