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Netflix Aren’t Moving Into Gaming, But Interactive Films

Despite reports that Netflix are launching a gaming division, it appears that what the company is actually doing is planning to produce a number of interactive films.

A job listing for the Director Of Product Innovation at the new Interactive branch of the company spells out the mission statement.

“In Interactive, we believe that we can go beyond traditional linear television or film presentation by combining innovative applications of technology with some of the world’s best storytelling. Our goal is to create new types of stories and new product experiences that enhance & deepen member engagement.”

The ad references ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ as an example of what they are planning to expand upon. This was a choose-your-own adventure style narrative, far unlike a video game.

“The opportunity before us is to expand our slate of interactive innovations and capabilities,” the ad explains, “including but not limited to new types of features, game-like experiences, and different ways of interacting with stories. It’s time to reimagine the future of entertainment yet again.”

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