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Nearly 5 Million Aussies Now Have Netflix

Roy Morgan Research figures show that almost five million Australians now have Netflix, well ahead of competitors Stan and Presto, with nearly all subscribing homes paying for Netflix, with free trials and free versions wrapping up.

Roy Morgan has found that Netflix grew to 1,878,000 subscribing homes (4,950,000 Australians 14+) in the three months to May, including paid, free trials and special offers from third parties.

Stan sits in second spot, with 891,000 Australians now having access through 332,000 subscriptions, with Foxtel’s Presto now being accessed by 353,000 people in 142,000 subscribing homes.

roymorgan6While Stan and Presto are growing, Roy Morgan notes that “Netflix’s advantage is also clear in the proportion of its subscribers who are now paying for the service, rather than accessing it via a free version through a special offer or on their first month of free trial”.

Roy Morgan estimates 92 per cent of Netflix subscriptions in the May quarter were paid, comprising 1,734,000 subscribing homes paying $8.99 to $14.99 a month, bringing in Netflix at least $15.5 million per month in revenue from Australians.

Roy Morgan states 78 per cent of Stan subscriptions are paid, with an estimated 260,000 homes paying $10 per month, while just 64 per cent of Presto subscribers (around 91,000) are currently paying $10-15 per month for the service, with over a third on a free trial or subscribing for free via a bundle (such as Foxtel’s Platinum package).

roymorgan7“The first step for SVOD providers has been to get homes (or, really, just one particularly keen SVOD viewer in the home) to subscribe on a free trial or through a package deal with a telco – the next step is to turn them into loyal (or at least lazy!) customers who will continue to subscribe and pay each month,” Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine commented.

“Stan in particular has been growing fast in 2016, with many Netflix subscribers now adding on a second SVOD service to meet their appetites for content. Around three quarters of homes with Stan also have Netflix.”

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