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NBN Uptake Soars, Wholesale Prices Changing Soon

The NBN Co asserts over a million businesses and households upgraded their internet service speed in the past four months – notching 3.7 million active NBN connections, up from 2 million in March 2017. The news comes as the NBN Co reveals it will replace its discounted wholesale pricing from May.

Currently, there are 6.5 million local homes and businesses which can connect to the nbn, versus 4.5 million in March last year.

The government-backed organisation affirms orders for NBN speeds 50Mbps or higher jumped 16% in December to 37%.

As previously reported, last year the NBN Co temporarily reduced prices for its top-tier speeds for ISPs – e.g. its 50Mbps service sold for the price of the popular 25Mbps. The news came amidst increasing customer complaints and retailer feedback.

The NBN Co claims three months ago 1-in-15 users were connected to the wholesale 50Mbps plan, however, this has now soared to 1-in-4.

Announced today, the NBN Co will commence selling new wholesale pricing bundles from May.

NBN Co Chief Customer Office (Residential), Brad Whitcomb, affirms the company is working “closely
with ISPs, asserting most nbn connected users are “now happier”.

Whitcomb also encourages consumers to “shop around”, and obtain the most value for money option for their household or business.

Average network bandwidth congestion per home is also said to have improved, to below 30 minutes per week, versus more than six hours per week recorded last year.

The amount of nbn installations which have been conducted correctly the ‘first time’ has also slightly improved, from 85% in March last year to 87%.

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