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NBN Rollout Reaches 4 Million Homes

NBN have announced that four million homes are now ‘Ready for Service’ on the NBN network.

The network is now about one-third complete, towards NBN’s goal of  making 11.9 million premises Ready for Service by 2020. NBN expects to reach the halfway point of the build in the middle of this year.

“We now have the flexibility and the right technologies in place to design and build the network at the speed and scale needed to reach our end goal by 2020,” said Peter Ryan, NBN’s Chief Network Engineering Officer.

Less than half the number of premises listed as Ready for Service are currently connected, with 1.76 million connections as of the week ending February 2. NBN expects 8 million premises will be activated on the network in 2020.

Over 1 million of all Ready for Service premises are connected using FTTN technology according to NBN.


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