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NBN Co Axes 100Mbps Top Speed Plan, “Outrageous” Cost

NBN Co Chief, Bill Morrow, has announced they’ve “killed off” 100Mbps fixed wireless network plans, affirming the overall cost to taxpayers would be “outrageous”.

Revealed on Thursday, Morrow affirmed the NBN Co had axed plans to offer its maximum speed plan to over 300,000 potential customers.

Speaking in front of a Senate Estimates committee, Morrow claims consistently delivering 100Mbps – especially in peak times – would cost taxpayers “billions and billions of dollars”, an “outrageous” spent.

Depending the decision, Mr Morrow asserts “there’s not mass market demand for 100Mbps services”, with “no economic model” to make it work.

He adds “it’s hard to find applications that warrant the need for 100Mbps.”

The NBN Co is currently trialling 5G broadband technology, which it claims may improve network speeds and capacity.

Over 230,000 households are currently NBN fixed wireless customers, with the roll-out of 2,000 towers reportedly costing $2 billion.

The NBN Co’s “bombshell” decision to axe 100Mbps has fired up the Federal Labor, with a spokesperson affirming the company has failed to deliver on a previous promise.

“They promised this with great fanfare. For them to now walk away from that is a slap in the face for rural and regional consumers,”  asserts Regional Communications Spokesman Stephen Jones.

In January, the NBN Co informed local Parliament about half of its fixed wireless customers (~600,000) would be able to access its maximum 100Mbps speed.

Following its latest decision, the NBN Co asserts its focused on delivering top speeds of 50Mbps to most of the nation, with the rest receiving at least 25Mbps.

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