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NBN Build – Telstra’s Share Shrinking, TPG Gaining: ACCC

NBN Co is growing its fibre-to-the-curb rollout at the expense of fibre-to-the-node connections, with 122 towns and suburbs added to the FttC rollout program the past two months, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The network builder has pledged to bring FtttC connections to at least one million premises, which it claims can be delivered faster and more efficiently than FttN.

More details on the rollout are contained in the latest NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report, published this week by the ACCC. Among other things it notes that wholesale services have now climbed past two million.

Telstra which was supplying 60-plus percent of the market has slipped to 51 pc as major competitors including TPG and Optus gear for a bigger share of the action.

The report also indicates that the most popular speed tier on the NBN remains 25/5 Mbps, requested by 55pc of service users.

The report covers the number of NBN services in operation by access technologies – FttP, FttB, FttN, HFC, fixed wireless and satellite and also covers these services by geographic region, speed tier, and the split between voice, business and residential broadband.

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