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NBN Accuses Telstra Of Using TPG To Breach Monopoly Laws

NBN Co has raised concerns that Telstra may be using its shared networks deal with TPG to bypass the limits on spectrum ownership.

The deal between the two telcos will ostensibly free up network space for all, allowing more competition.

However, NBN Co notes in a submission to the ACCC, who are currently scrutinising the Telstra-TPG deal, this may effectively give Telstra a monopoly in regional areas where TPG has next-to-no footprint.

“The ACCC’s assessment should consider the possibility that in the Regional Coverage Zone, if TPG does not in fact develop a substantial regional customer base, much of this spectrum may be used by Telstra allowing it to increase its market share in the Regional Coverage Zone, effectively circumventing the competition limits implemented in recent spectrum auctions following the ACCC’s advice,” NBN’s submission reads.

NBN also takes issues with the proposed agreement to provide Telstra and TPG with the
ability to supply 5G fixed wireless services, in particular the “competitive effects these fixed wireless services have in the market for superfast broadband services supplied to a premises, particularly as a substitute for NBN’s fixed line and fixed wireless services within the Regional Coverage Zone.”


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