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Motorola Working On Wireless, Self-charging Smartphone

Motorola has announced a partnership with GuRu Wireless, Inc. to create the world’s first over-the-air wireless smartphones that charge using mmWave technology.

GuRu specialises in “safe, effective and customisable transmission of power over-the-air using proprietary millimeter-wave integrated circuits, modules and proprietary Smart RF Lensing technology.” This technology delivers power at “an unprecedented distance”, according to the company release.

During use, the technology will continuously charge devices, and reroutes power as needed. GuRu hopes this technology, developed in 2017 by a team of Caltech engineers and scientists, will soon be as ubiquitous as WiFi.

The benefits of such technology being implemented into smartphones is obvious, and will usurp the need for batteries – a massive gamechanger for the industry.

“At Motorola we are constantly working to bring innovations to the market that can improve our consumers’ lives. With this solution we will provide a glimpse of the freedom and flexibility that users can enjoy with a revolutionary over-the-air, wireless power technology,” said Dan Dery, VP of Product at Motorola. “With GuRu, we imagine a new generation of wirelessly powered devices.”

Florian Bohn, CEO and co-founder of GuRu, adds: “Innovation has always been part of Motorola’s DNA. The company has long enriched our lives with its ecosystem of smart devices and solutions.

“We are excited to join forces with an industry leader whose goal is to improve the consumer experience. Together, we will introduce true mobility for portable smart devices and IoT sensors.”


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