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LG To Reveal Five New OLED 4K TV’s

LG To Reveal Five New OLED 4K TV

The new range will include 55-, 65- and 77-inch models which LG claims delivers a “whole new level of picture quality.” 

LG said that a curved TV screen delivers an improved the viewing angle, and each of the TVs will sport software based on WebOS – the system that used to power Palm and HP smartphones and tablets. LG bought the rights to WebOS from Hewlett-Packard early last year.

The company is also showing off a 55-inch flat OLED television and a 105-inch curved Ultra UD set with LCD technology, which is cheaper to produce than OLEDs.

Earlier in the week Samsung announced that it’s releasing new smart televisions that can be controlled by “finger gesture” to change the channel, adjust the volume and pick something to watch. The company also said that it’s increasing the sophistication of its voice-control features, to let users search for things such as weather and stock information while watching television.

Samsung also announced a 110-inch television to go on sale in China, the Middle East and Europe, the price a mere $105,000. It also set a new size record for its product lines. 

Samsung’s older 85-inch, $40,000 model has drawn some pretty fantastic reviews and was recently judged the best 4K TV over 80″ by SmartHouse Magazine. 

As for next week and CES. It’s all about showing off the extremes of what a company can do – the pride of their research and development departments and I am confident that we are in for some big surprises in the display arena.