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Microsoft’s ‘Phone Link’ App for iOS To Roll Out To All Windows 11 Customers

Microsoft have revealed its ‘Phone Link’ app will be coming to iOS, and started rolling out ‘Phone Link’ on Windows 11.

It was recently announced that Windows 11 would expand the ‘Phone Link’ feature to enable the connection between a Windows 11 PC and an iOS mobile device. It has a goal of removing barriers between a consumer’s phone and PC, making it easier to connect.

In ensuring the highest quality experience for users, Microsoft asked Windows Insiders to engage and provide feedback during a preview phase. Feedback such as “this is exactly what I’ve been hoping for on my Windows PC” was received, and now Microsoft will be slowly rolling ‘Phone Link’ out to Windows 11.

Once enabled on Windows 11, ‘Phone Link’ will be able to offer basic iOS support for calls, messages and access to contact. Notifications will be able to be received on Windows PC while the user’s phone is tucked away. They will also be able to choose an option to take.

To begin the usage or check it’s been enabled, start with the Search box. Type in ‘Phone Link.’ A prompt will appear to download the app and then users will receive a guided step-by step installation. Users then choose iOS and follow instructions for setting up.


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