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Microsoft To Unveil Surface Duo Before Galaxy Fold 2

Microsoft may be on track to launch its dual-screen phone the ‘Surface Duo’ as soon as July, following reports it’s seeking to beat Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2.

According to a tweet from Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, Microsoft has accelerated plans for the Surface Duo ahead of the Galaxy Fold 2’s tipped August 5 unveiling.

The Surface Duo is posed to Microsoft’s first handset since its Windows Phone, and is also the first Surface-branded smartphone.

The device was reportedly first slated for holiday 2020, and unlike the Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flip is a tipped to be more conventional dual-screen device than single flexible panel phone.

Some commentators predict its design will liken to the LG V60 ThinQ 5G.

When Microsoft first unveiled the Surface Duo it lacked a 5G chipset, with some predicting the final model also forgo 5G connectivity.

The new Microsoft Surface Duo is expected to incorporate two 5.6-inch screens held with a 360-degree hinge – capable of both being pushed outwards.

Microsoft is also slated to unveiled its dual-screen notebook, the Surface Neo, sometime soon with commentators claiming it will open up a new ultra-portable premium category.

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