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Microsoft Tests New Windows 11 Energy Saver Mode

Microsoft has decided to add an energy saver mode for Windows 11 Insiders which “extends and enhances” the battery saver option. This new mode will be available for laptops and desktop computers.

The feature works similarly to battery saver mode, and helps save energy by “trading off some system performance.”

It can be enabled from Quick Settings, or be configured from Settings. Head to System > Power > Energy Saver.

The user can toggle the feature on, or choose to run it automatically whenever the device reaches a certain battery percentage. It will roll out to Windows 11 Insiders in the Canary channel.

If the user doesn’t have access, they can still utilise the battery saver mode available to all Windows 11 devices.

Power consumption can also be optimised with the system’s energy recommendations feature, which will automatically adjust certain settings, including screen brightness.

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