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Microsoft Drops Chromecast Competitor

“Project Hobart”, Microsoft’s rumored Chromecast-like streaming dongle for the Xbox, was originally expected to make a debut in mid-2016, but may have been dropped entirely

Reports out of Windows Central say that the $99 dongle was all but ready to hit the market following a debut at this year’s E3, only for the product to be nixed from Microsoft’s lineup.

The low computational powered accessory would have been able to run UWP apps and even light UWP games as well as streaming your Xbox One or Project Scorpio over your home WiFi, presumably via the Windows 10 Xbox app.

WC says Microsoft was due to order 300,000 units for manufacturing but ultimately scrapped plans to do so.

They speculate that the reason for the device’s vanishing act could be part of a broader PR effort to keep the focus on the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio or a result of reported technical issue relating to the Windows IoT software said to have been integrated into the streaming stick.

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