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Microsoft Not Offering Free Kinect Adapter For New Xbox

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not offer a free adaptor for the Kinect for consumers who upgrade to the Xbox One X model.

As part of the release of the Xbox One S slim model last year, the gaming/tech company offered a free adaptor for users who switched over from older model Xbox One console. Microsoft’s head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg has quashed any hopes consumers had over the company doing the same for its upcoming console.

The Kinect adapter, for either the S or X models, can be purchased on the Microsoft Store for $54.95.

Microsoft launched he Kinect v2 alongside the original model Xbox One in 2013, and was built-in to the consoles operating system. This meant that users were left forced have the camera plugged in to the console for it to operate. After public backlash, Microsoft later back tracked, allowing the Kinect to be used as an optional accessorises.

Xbox One X, was revealed at this year’s E3 expo, and is Microsoft’s move into 4K gaming and virtual reality. The console launches on November 7 with a retail price of $649.

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