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Microsoft Launches New Windows 11 As Android Takes Top OS Spot

Microsoft who has benefited from employees working from home, has moved to overhaul their Windows OS with video and Teams now built in, the move comes as Android takes over as the dominant OS with 41% share Vs Microsoft’s 30%.

Six years after the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has finally revealed Windows 11 which delivers limited changes to its visual design but incorporates new cloud based and app features including the bundling of Android apps and archrival Slack.

In addition to Windows-based apps, users will be able to choose from Android apps Amazon offers to install on their PCs.

Amazon offers hundreds of thousands of such apps, including for TikTok, the popular video-sharing site, and ride-hailing service Uber Technologies.

The partnership would make such apps that have become more central to people’s lives easily accessible on their PC screens.

Windows 11 will hit markets toward the end of this year and is the first major revamp of the Microsoft operating system since 2015. It will be a free upgrade for users running Windows 10 until the middle of 2022.

The firm also confirmed that Android apps will run within Windows and be available through the Amazon app store, which will be available from the start menu.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said: ‘The world needs a more open platform’ that gives users and developers the freedom to do and create what they want.

“Windows has a role to play as the most open of ecosystems today that plays nicely with the others,” Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said in an interview.

Built into Windows 11 will be their highly popular Teams, the company’s workplace collaboration software suite.

That and other changes enable the software to take greater advantage of cloud computing, which has boomed alongside the mobile revolution and has helped propel Microsoft to new heights claims the Wall Street Journal.

Windows’ importance has ebbed over the past decade, due to the rise of mobile computing and a boom in sales of lower-cost Google Chromebook computers, which has meant Windows is no longer the default software for many entry-level PC users.

Microsoft held 85% of global market share across all PCs and smartphones a decade ago, according to analytics firm Statcounter. It is 30% today.

Alphabet’s Android operating system now is the dominant software with 41% share of the market, according to Statcounter.

The company generates $22.3 billion in Windows-related sales in the last financial year, up 9% from the year prior.

The pandemic also has aided Windows as laptop sales jumped with people working from home and learning remotely.

PC unit sales grew 13% in 2020, up from 3% growth in the prior year, according to research firm IDC, PC unit sales, re expected to grow 18% this year.

“We moved from the PC fitting into people’s lives over these last 18 months to people actually fitting their lives into the PC,” said Panos Panay, chief product officer at Microsoft.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney on Thursday tweeted: “The 2021 version of Microsoft is the best version of Microsoft ever!”

App developers still need to pay Microsoft a 15% fee on sales if they want to use the software giant’s apps payment system. The charge is 12% for game developers.



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